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Happy Cold Swimming Cap

Happy Cold Swimming cap - www.altern8ives.com www.happywildswimming.com
Happy Cold swimming cap

Cold swimming has become a popular way to swim.

The Happy Cold Swimming cap is new to the range of ‘Happy’ caps swimming collection.

Ideal for those who like to share the pleasure of cold swimming in chilly water and at the same time wear a cheeky happy face.

Happy Cold Swimming www.altern8ives.com
Happy Cold Swimming cap from www.altern8ives.com

The blue faced fun design swimming cap is indicative of the cold water most winter swimmers revel in. The white base colour to the cap has similarity to the snow of winter swimming, or the ice white of the ice swimming conditions, several extreme winter swimmers endure.

Treat yourself to a Happy Cold Swimming cap in your caps collection today.

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Stay happy – Stay seen – Stay safe!

As nice as it is to enjoy the natural waters all year round, it is vital to stay safe. The cold water can be severely cold at times. There are swimmers who train specifically to endure the low temperatures of organised cold water swimming events. There are also social and hobby swimmers who gradually build-up their tolerance to the harsh waters. If you wish to begin swimming in colder waters first seek advice and understanding from those who do. Have a companion with you where possible. If not in the water, then as land support watching you swim. Agree a signal or action to be taken in the event that a serious situation occurs. Taking the right steps allows you to fully enjoy the adventure of cold water swimming.

The joy of swimming free in open natural water is something personal to the individual. Until tried it cannot be understood to many an onlooker.  But at least in your Happy Cold Swimming cap they will be smiling back at you as you enjoy your cold swim!


Happy Wild Swimming Magazine – A ‘wild’ idea.

Happy Wild Swimming Magazine

Happy Wild Swimming Magazine www.altern8ives.com
Happy Wild Swimming Magazine

Happy Wild Swimming Magazine background.

Once upon a time, a few swimmers found themselves enjoying their hobby of swimming in the sea. That day the sun was shining and the salty water surface glistened like floating diamonds. Each of the swimmers beamed smiles of natural joy, as one said, “I’m so happy wild swimming, we should declare it with our own fun design swim cap”.

A month later, with the smiley cap design created, passed to a supplier and caps printed, those swimmers returned to enjoy many more swims with a growing group of local friends, all wearing smiles on their faces … and on their heads!

As swims progressed in different locations and more swimmers joined in the fun a few onlookers requested they have caps too. The word soon spread and the requests became more frequent. The original private local swimming group already had their own secret social group but to allow others to enjoy the fun, the caps were given their own public Facebook group. Swimmers around the UK started to request a cap and some uploaded photos of themselves and friends wearing the caps in different locations and in a variety of poses. The word then reached USA swimmers and swimmers in Miami Beach, Florida, and Seattle purchased their own caps, joining in the sharing of images via the Facebook group Happy Wild Swimming Caps.

With the months moving from summer to winter a few less adventurous swimmers requested that they still enjoy the fun design but wanted to do so in lido swimming pools and indoor swimming pools. A less wild environment but still one in which they wished to declare that they were always ‘Happy Swimming’! Added to this were a few requests from those outdoor swimmers happily acclimatised to all year round outdoor swimming, but who, as one put it, were less ‘wild’ and more ‘civilised’ swimmers … simply, ‘Happy Swimming’ – so the optional ‘Happy Swimming’ cap was created. In fact, several swimmers have purchased various colours in both cap designs to suit their various swimming locations of outdoors, indoors and when on holiday abroad.

The social fun of sharing photos uploaded has been enjoyed by swimmers around the UK. Not just in various places across England, also in Wales, Scotland, Shetlands, Channel Islands and USA. Swimmers have taken them on trips abroad, featuring caps on sunbeds in the Canary Islands, in Spanish coastal waves, bathing in hot springs in Iceland and even worn by a horse rider in Africa! Currently awaited in complete contrast is a cap to be worn by an Artic ice-swimmer in Alaska.

It begs the question, ‘can we rule out that one day they’ll be a cap in space?’

To mark the development of the ‘Happy Wild Swimming’ caps and ‘Happy Swimming’ caps, swimmers have requested that a magazine be created to
further spread the enjoyment swimmers have when happy wild swimming. So, in the pipeline, subject to swimmers contributions continuing, the Happy Wild Swimming Magazine is on the blocks … ready to dive in anytime soon.

A Happy Wild Swimming Magazine – what a ‘wild’ idea!

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