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Book Swimming with smiles pages

Book Swimming with smiles pages www.swimmingwithsmiles.com


A dozen pages snippets from book Swimming with smiles pages


“The team was made up of swimmers from 21 countries …”

“I saw the sunrise. A board got held up on the boat saying I had another half-hour to swim. Seriously? …”

“Five of us waded into the waves and headed off towards the island.”

“The beach is always quiet, even on a hot bank holiday, and has a mixture of sand and pebbles (which change shape as you move along the coast).”

“The pain was constant. I couldn’t move and had to be helped just to get to the bathroom.”

“We didn’t wear goggles or hats in those days and certainly not wetsuits!”

“I don’t actually remember learning to swim. It just sort of happened …”

“I mastered moving all my limbs in such a manner I would manage not to drown until I got to safety.”

“All too soon it is time to head back to the shore. We pass out through the main entrance to the cave, which is so big it could easily swallow a modern fishing trawler.”

“Looking back this was the most amazing month and genuinely changed me.”

“The water was halfway up the van. Another guy was trying to push the van back out.”

… in the Philippines to retrieve the ship’s anchor which had been lost during a typhoon.”

Swimming with smiles Book Happy Wild Swimming Swim book Smiles www.altern8ives.com www.swimmingwithsmiles.com #swimmingwithsmiles #swimmingbook
Book: “Swimming with smiles”




Happy Cold Swimming Cap

Happy Cold Swimming cap - www.altern8ives.com www.happywildswimming.com
Happy Cold swimming cap

Cold swimming has become a popular way to swim.

The Happy Cold Swimming cap is new to the range of ‘Happy’ caps swimming collection.

Ideal for those who like to share the pleasure of cold swimming in chilly water and at the same time wear a cheeky happy face.

Happy Cold Swimming www.altern8ives.com
Happy Cold Swimming cap from www.altern8ives.com

The blue faced fun design swimming cap is indicative of the cold water most winter swimmers revel in. The white base colour to the cap has similarity to the snow of winter swimming, or the ice white of the ice swimming conditions, several extreme winter swimmers endure.

Treat yourself to a Happy Cold Swimming cap in your caps collection today.

Available from www.altern8ives.com

Alternatively you can request your Happy Cold Swimming cap from …

Twitter : @coldswimming

Email to: happycoldswimming@gmail.com



Stay happy – Stay seen – Stay safe!

As nice as it is to enjoy the natural waters all year round, it is vital to stay safe. The cold water can be severely cold at times. There are swimmers who train specifically to endure the low temperatures of organised cold water swimming events. There are also social and hobby swimmers who gradually build-up their tolerance to the harsh waters. If you wish to begin swimming in colder waters first seek advice and understanding from those who do. Have a companion with you where possible. If not in the water, then as land support watching you swim. Agree a signal or action to be taken in the event that a serious situation occurs. Taking the right steps allows you to fully enjoy the adventure of cold water swimming.

The joy of swimming free in open natural water is something personal to the individual. Until tried it cannot be understood to many an onlooker.  But at least in your Happy Cold Swimming cap they will be smiling back at you as you enjoy your cold swim!


Happy Wild Swimming English Channel Relay Team

Happy Wild Swimming English Channel Relay Team

Happy Wild Swimming Dryrobe English Channel Relay Team www.happywildswimming.com logo happy smile smiley
Happy Wild Swimming English Channel Relay Team

The challenge ahead starts with months if not years of hard training in cold water. Then the big event itself … swimming across the English Channel to France.

Notoriously the crossing is through the busiest sea traffic imaginable, including cross-channel ferries, oil tankers, commercial fishing vessels and privately owned yachts. Add in a mix of waves, gusting winds, changeable tides, stinging jellyfish, sea pollution and strong varying currents … and you’ll understand why so many fail to reach French soil.

However, the ‘happy’ team will be in safe hands as coach Tony Marshall successfully swam his solo crossing last year and is in training for a unique double-crossing solo next year. This year he has trained the 6 swimmers for their relay and has high hopes for success.

One thing is for sure, the team will be staying warm from all the elements this life-changing challenge throws at them as they’ll be huddled inside their Happy Wild Swimming Dryrobes, which are waterproof, towelling insulated for warmth and quick drying and are the perfect individual’s private changing room.

Happy Wild Swimming English Channel Relay Team Dryrobe www.happywildswimming.com dryrobe team smiley
Happy Wild Swimming English Channel Relay Team

Good luck to the Team!

UPDATE : Slot agreed for w/c 11 July 2016 subject to weather conditions.

From all involved in Facebook group: Happy Wild Swimming Caps

Car Stickers – Happy Wild Swimming


Car stickers – Happy Wild Swimming

Treat your car to a smile today!

Car stickers - Happy Wild Swimming - smiley car stickers www.altern8ives.com
Car sticker – Happy Wild Swimming


Car sticker is approximately 100 mm diameter.

Printed on clear sticker but with the option to retain the white backing for enhanced appearance.

Declare your joy at being happy wild swimming with a car sticker that says it to all who look.

Easily positioned on the inside of your car window it can be repositioned anytime. Carefully peeling it and sticking it to it’s new location.

See: www.altern8ives.com or www.happywildswimming.com

Car stickers are fun items depicting an interest in something or somewhere. The Happy Wild Swimming car stickers promote the happiness of wild swimming. The hobby of many swimmers who know enjoy the outdoor swimming. Facebook group happy wild swimming caps has swimmers around UK, USA and abroad joining in fun uploads. Images of their swims whilst happy wild swimming in various locations,

Join in for free via Facebook: Happy Wild Swimming Caps

Happy Wild Swimming Caps silicone caps www.happywildswimming.com www.happyswimming.co.uk www.altern8ives.com
Happy Wild Swimming Caps

Life is more fun when you’re smiling. You smile when you’re happy. So one way is to find a hobby like swimming and be happier. Happy wild swimming is swimming outdoors, either as an individual or in a group activity.  These car stickers confirm that you are happy wild swimming.

The original Happy Wild Swimming Caps were a bright yellow happy face on an orange silicone cap. With more interest additional colours were requested. Similarly an option of wording as just Happy Swimming was made available for pool swimmers and swimmers less ‘wild’ in their hobby.

Both versions are available from www.altern8ives.com -www.happywildswimming.com & www.happyswimming.co.uk


Tony is swimming to France

Tony Marshall is happy wild swimming to France for charity.

He is swimming solo across the English Channel for Little Havens Children’s Hospice.

Support his worthwhile cause by donating to his JustGiving page here:


Happy Swimmer Tony in happy wild swimming cap waiting to swim the English Channel www.altern8ives.com
Happy Swimmer Tony in happy wild swimming cap waiting to swim the English Channel
Happy Swimmer Tony in his happy swimming trunks waiting to swim solo across the English www.altern8ives.com
Happy Swimmer Tony in his happy swimming trunks waiting to swim solo across the English Channel


Raising money for

Little Havens Children's Hospice

Little Havens Children’s Hospice

Charity Registration No. 1022119

When a family has been told that there’s no cure for their child’s illness, Little Havens Hospice can help. Our specialist care is free but we have to raise £100,000 every week to be there for everyone who needs us. That’s only possible because of you. Together we’re ‘Making every day count’

Tony’s story:


Well, what can I say.  This time last year, I was in a totally different place.   I am a member of the Redcaps Open Water Swimming Club and loved nothing better than to socialise and swim with my best mate Tony Mellett.  We covered all sorts of swim events together and took part at every opportunity.  But then on 1st May 2014, sadly, he collapsed and died.  No warning, no illness, just collapsed and died.  Things like this are not supposed to happen to my mates.

My mind has been a bit of a whirl-wind since then.  I distanced myself from the club a bit and seemed lost without my sole-mate.

In 2013, Tony Mellett and myself were part of a relay team that got within a cats whisker to French soil, but then we had to abandon the mission due to bad weather.  The team, minus my soul mate, got together in 2014 and this time, we had to do it for Tony.  And we did.

But I always secretly had a yearning to attempt this enormous challenge solo one day. And now seems as good a time as any.  I have devoted a whole year to training and am currently being pushed to extremes by my coach and Redcaps Lady Captain, Lorraine Rate.  She sets all my sessions for me on a weekly basis, and swims with me once a week to ensure I’m on track.  I hate her most of the time coz the sessions hurt like hell, but at least I don’t have to worry about what to do next.  I just wait for my Monday email and follow instructions!!!!

Anyway, back to my challenge.  Having been part of two relay crossings and having been fortunate to be part of Tom Durhsens boat crew last year, I know exactly what I have let myself in for.  ‘The Mistress’ as the English Channel is often referred to by solo swimmers can be evil.  (A bit like Lorraine!).  She can turn on you without warning and if she decides she ain’t letting you across that channel, then that’s it.  She turns and churns and spits you out – definately like Lorraine!!   And, as Tom found out only too well on his crossing when at one point, he had swum strong and solid for over an hour but only moved forward a few metres.   Evil bitch is that Channel Mistress.  So, I am fully aware of what I have let myself in for.

Lorraine and I took a tour of Little Havens recently and whilst we all know what Little Havens is, until you walk around that beautiful establishment in Benfleet and come close to all those little suffering children, it doesn’t really sink home.  I want to make a difference to someone, I want to help, I want to contribute.  We were taken into the Woodland Suite, where they take the children to die peacefully.  They decorate the room each time in association with what that child loved best. We visited on a day when a small boy, who had been a huge West Ham fan, had just passed away.  Emma explained how the room was decorated in all West Ham colours and posters to make his final days so much more relaxing for him and his family.  There were children curled up in blankets on the sofa watching Disney’s Frozen.  How we got through that day without tears, I do not know.  So, this is why I have to swim to France.   I want to make a contribution to Little Havens and help make a difference to a child’s final journey.

So, if you could donate a little to my cause, I would be so grateful.  Any amount at all, every little bit helps.

Thank you.

Tony Marshall

Thanks for taking the time to visit my JustGiving page.

Donating through JustGiving is simple, fast and totally secure. Your details are safe with JustGiving – they’ll never sell them on or send unwanted emails. Once you donate, they’ll send your money directly to the charity. So it’s the most efficient way to donate – saving time and cutting costs for the charity.

Happy Wild Swimming Magazine – A ‘wild’ idea.

Happy Wild Swimming Magazine

Happy Wild Swimming Magazine www.altern8ives.com
Happy Wild Swimming Magazine

Happy Wild Swimming Magazine background.

Once upon a time, a few swimmers found themselves enjoying their hobby of swimming in the sea. That day the sun was shining and the salty water surface glistened like floating diamonds. Each of the swimmers beamed smiles of natural joy, as one said, “I’m so happy wild swimming, we should declare it with our own fun design swim cap”.

A month later, with the smiley cap design created, passed to a supplier and caps printed, those swimmers returned to enjoy many more swims with a growing group of local friends, all wearing smiles on their faces … and on their heads!

As swims progressed in different locations and more swimmers joined in the fun a few onlookers requested they have caps too. The word soon spread and the requests became more frequent. The original private local swimming group already had their own secret social group but to allow others to enjoy the fun, the caps were given their own public Facebook group. Swimmers around the UK started to request a cap and some uploaded photos of themselves and friends wearing the caps in different locations and in a variety of poses. The word then reached USA swimmers and swimmers in Miami Beach, Florida, and Seattle purchased their own caps, joining in the sharing of images via the Facebook group Happy Wild Swimming Caps.

With the months moving from summer to winter a few less adventurous swimmers requested that they still enjoy the fun design but wanted to do so in lido swimming pools and indoor swimming pools. A less wild environment but still one in which they wished to declare that they were always ‘Happy Swimming’! Added to this were a few requests from those outdoor swimmers happily acclimatised to all year round outdoor swimming, but who, as one put it, were less ‘wild’ and more ‘civilised’ swimmers … simply, ‘Happy Swimming’ – so the optional ‘Happy Swimming’ cap was created. In fact, several swimmers have purchased various colours in both cap designs to suit their various swimming locations of outdoors, indoors and when on holiday abroad.

The social fun of sharing photos uploaded has been enjoyed by swimmers around the UK. Not just in various places across England, also in Wales, Scotland, Shetlands, Channel Islands and USA. Swimmers have taken them on trips abroad, featuring caps on sunbeds in the Canary Islands, in Spanish coastal waves, bathing in hot springs in Iceland and even worn by a horse rider in Africa! Currently awaited in complete contrast is a cap to be worn by an Artic ice-swimmer in Alaska.

It begs the question, ‘can we rule out that one day they’ll be a cap in space?’

To mark the development of the ‘Happy Wild Swimming’ caps and ‘Happy Swimming’ caps, swimmers have requested that a magazine be created to
further spread the enjoyment swimmers have when happy wild swimming. So, in the pipeline, subject to swimmers contributions continuing, the Happy Wild Swimming Magazine is on the blocks … ready to dive in anytime soon.

A Happy Wild Swimming Magazine – what a ‘wild’ idea!

The Happy Wild Swimming Magazine can be obtained from:



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