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Swimming with smiles – Happy Wild Swimming

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“A wonderful read. Full of different swimmers’ stories and how they engage with the water. An excellent mix of light-hearted fun and personal achievements. I really enjoyed it!”

By and for swimmers worldwide – stories in their own words and photographs.

Swimming with smiles - happy wild swimming
“Swimming with smiles” – happy wild swimming

“Swimming with smiles” – Happy Wild Swimming book contains:

OVER 200 pages

400 Full Colour Photographs

Almost 70 True Stories

“A real eye-opener to the world of outdoor swimmers. I knew they existed but now I feel I know some of the many characters that make up the vast and varied community out there!”

“Happy reading!”


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Did you know? There is also a second book: Swimming with shivers 

Swimming with shivers Book Front Cover banner
Book Swimming with shivers – Happy Cold Swimming



CO-AUTHORS: Claire Bunker-Fellingham & Gary Standen, Founders of Facebook Group:  Happy Wild Swimming

Gary Standen Claire Bunker-Fellingham

Claire and Gary include a little background on the inside of the book cover and snippets within their own story contributions. However, they are quick to emphasise that this book is about the various swimmers’ experiences and recollections in their own words. The stories the swimmers chose to share along with personal photographs for the reader to enjoy.

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FOREWORD by Sal Minty-Gravett MBE

Swimming Books Happy Swimming Swimming with Smiles Swimming with Shivers Sal A Minty-Gravett MBE & Colin Hill The writers of the Forewords to books &
Sal A Minty-Gravett MBE & Colin Hill

Sally has spent many years inspiring others, teaching swimming skills to both youngsters and adults alike through sessions in private and public outlets. She believes very strongly that all of us living on such a small Island as Jersey, should have the basic skills for survival in the seas which surround us. Far too many young people are lost to the power of the sea each year and a basic survival education would help to reduce this number.

As a champion swimmer herself with an English Channel record to be proud of, besides many other outstanding swims around the world, she inspires other swimmers to enjoy the pleasures of open water swimming. She holds various records including the only swimmer in the world to have successfully completed English Channel crossings in five consecutive decades and as the oldest swimmer to have completed a two way English Channel swim.

She has recently been awarded an MBE following twenty seven years as President of the Jersey Long Distance Swimming Club where she has taught and inspired many.

m: 07797713252
twitter @dolfinsal



Recent WINNER of the Pastel Guild of Europe Summer Competition Lynn was a graduate of Grays School of Art, Aberdeen. Lynn worked in the Graphic Design industry until 2012 when she started to draw and paint full time committing fully to her art career in the summer of that year.

Since then, Lynn’s work has steadily gained recognition with many galleries across Scotland stocking her vibrant work. She exhibits regularly in both solo and mixed shows and has won many awards including the Derwent/WH Smith sketch off for her lively portrait of actress Una Stubbs and also several awards from the Pastel Guild of Europe. Lynn has also had her work published in three art books; one on portraiture, one on pastels for which she wrote the foreword and a book on women in art. She has provided artworks for the covers of two books this year.

Her preferred mediums are pastel and charcoal and her works are collected by international art collectors as far afield as Australia, Bermuda, USA, Canada, Israel, France, India and The Netherlands. Her subject matter varies but she finds she is drawn to portraiture and figurative works probably due to her love of life drawing which was instilled during her time studying at Grays. She has recently returned to painting in oils and acrylics and is enjoying the different processes of these mediums and is looking forward to carrying on experimenting with paint as well as pastel.

In 2012 she started creating art on the iPad and was one of the first tutors of digital art in the UK when Strathclyde University ran their innovative class ‘iPad art – a medium for the 21st Century’. Since then she has taught Life Drawing and Learn to Draw classes at Strathclydes Centre for Life Long Learning and is currently teaching Stage 1 Drawing and Painting, Learn to Draw along with the ever popular iPad class. She also teaches a Purely Pastels class at a private art school in Milngavie and a separate learn to draw and paint class.

Lynn is often asked to give demonstrations of pastel techniques at various art groups around Scotland and also undertakes privately commissioned work.
tel: 0141 779 3722
mob: 07900 020010


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BOOK COMMENTS following pre-launch reading of “Swimming with smiles”

Feedbacks: First 20

  • “I found myself wanting to keep reading to see what the next person had to say”
  • “A real eye-opener to the world of outdoor swimmers. I knew they existed but now I feel I know some of the many characters that make up the vast and varied community out there!”
  • “People, places, backgrounds, memories, swim spots, achievements, heartaches, successes … so much it felt like it was two books in one!”
  • “A wonderfully insightful blend of short stories and complimentary images. Numerous swimmers each with various points of view and locations with hundreds of photos”
  • “A wonderful read. Full of different swimmers’ stories  and how they engage with the water. An excellent mix of light-hearted fun and personal achievements. I really enjoyed it!”
  • “Packed full with anecdotes and lovely photos – swimmers simply rattled off their own short stories and shared lots of favourite photos”
  • “I enjoyed reading about a variety of swimmers stories”
  • “Just made me keep smiling all the way through”
  • “So nice to hear why different people choose to do what they do”
  • “Quite a unique book. I can’t think of another similar one!”
  • “I learned things I never knew I wanted to know! I’ve now seen photos I’m glad I’ve got to see”
  • “I was looking to read some stories and came away feeling like I really want to meet these people and join in with their smiles”
  • “I don’t read very often but I couldn’t stop reading this book”
  • “Read it. You won’t regret it”
  • “I’ve read other books about one swimmer and got bored, but I found myself eager to get to know each of the many dozen in this book”
  • “Simple content, simple to read – simply wonderful in its entirety”
  • “The swimmers are amazing. I’d like to thank each one of them for sharing their past moments and personal thoughts with strangers like me”
  • “What a nice happy book. Even those with heartaches keep smiling. A credit to themselves and the community they are part of”
  • “Just looking at the photos alone made me feel good, let alone all the stories. I‘m buying one for my mum!”
  • “Well done. I’ll be reading it again!”

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Swimming with shivers book

Swimming with shivers Book Front Cover swimming books shiver books

Happy Swimming caps

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Swimming with smiles book is available via email to: happywildswimming or join Facebook group: Happy Wild Swimming

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This Swimming with smiles book is a collection of swimmers stories by an assortment of outdoor swimmers from all walks of life. They share recollections and true stories whilst being happy swimming in different locations around the world. Told in their own words with supporting full colour photographs. All contributions are by the outdoor happy swimmers happy swimming wearing happy caps smiles.

Happy swimming caps with various wording and other related items are available from email: happywildswimming and Facebook group: Happy Wild Swimming – Join in the fun!

Swimming outdoors as a hobby is particularly healthy because it provides some wonderful memorable moments as you drift along or exercise your limbs. Scenery seen from openwater provides a different view of the world around you. Furthermore friendships made and memories created can last a lifetime. Happy swimming and swimming with smiles sums it up … can it get any better?

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