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Pink is the new orange

So what’s so important about a colour? To some not much, to others it’s everything.

When you have your ideal colour in mind and you believe that no other will be suitable, it’s a huge step to adopt a choice of next-best option.

However, that’s what Happy Wild Swimming group have done. They had what seemed like the perfect combination of material, packaging and orange colour for their highly visible swim cap. Then, the news came through that the supply would not be continuing. The manufacturer had failed to produce the desired repeat orders. It was crunch time. To stick with a failing item, or adapt.

Adaption was the choice. Out of it emerged from feedback, two new colours as favourites. The original bright orange had seemed irreplaceable, but suddenly the predominantly female purchasers requested a pink, with an alternative of white. Each showed up as ideal supporting colours for base swim cap onto which the existing bright yellow smiley logo was applied. The yellow worked well with the white surround. More surprisingly was that the vivid ‘shocking pink’ swim cap, beautifully cradled the happy faced logo.

Happy Wild Swimming are selling these two new swimming caps online via Facebook: Happy Wild Swimming Caps, Twitter: @happywildswim and on the website: www.altern8ives.com

In addition, for any less ‘Wild’, more civilised swimmers, there is the choice of four colours, pink, white, yellow & (revised) orange, each with the wording, ‘Happy Swimming’.

Happy Wild Swimming & Happy Swimming swim caps - altern8ives.com
Happy Wild Swimming & Happy Swimming Caps

Stay happy!