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A quick guide to how it works:


Please select from the choices available to view details of products. If you wish to buy, contact the sellers to discuss your requirements.

For all swimming/Happy items please email:

Businesses, Suppliers & Trade

What can you buy? A DEDICATED PAGE & LINK TO YOUR WEBSITE – advertise your business for a whole year like others do on  with a choice of suitable annually renewable options.

How?  Email your preferred page content text, image(s) &/or link titled as ‘Dedicated Page/Link’ to:


NB: Page contents, images and links supplied are for a period of 1 YEAR subject to approval and receipt of payment. Ongoing further edits are available at anytime subject to receipt of the additional edit fees. Unacceptable content will be removed at anytime without prior notice.

The website owners accept no responsibility for any unlawful content being displayed unwittingly when provided by third-parties and retain final decision regarding immediate removal of all or part of any material deemed inappropriate or unacceptable at anytime.

How it works
So you want to know how it works? It’s quite simple … altern8ives allow you to make more happy choices

Any other business enquiries to or any names mentioned on this website should be made to:


Please state ‘Business’ or other appropriate subject in the email title.

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