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Attention all swimmers!

Swimmers have more fun “wearing a smile”.

Happy Wild Swimming Cap on Miami Beach
Happy Wild Swimming Cap On The Beach                                                             

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The happy swim caps are available in several names – see HAPPY CAPS PAGE

 Happy Wild Swimming Caps are also known in the swimming world as happy caps, happy swim caps or smiley caps. They have become very popular with swimmers around the UK and worldwide. They were created by a couple of UK swimmers for fun. First worn whilst swimming in the South Devon sea, during a local swimming group swim, they became the focus of other swimmers and onlookers. With extra requests for the happy wild swimming caps from various people, they were given their own Facebook page: Happy Wild Swimming. The page was made public to allow swimmers who bought a ‘happy cap’ to upload their own photos of  themselves “wearing a smile”. Many swimmers snapped photos as they swam during their regular swims. Some chose to create swimming related poses. Others enjoy capturing their fun antics whilst wearing the smiley swim caps.

The hobby of Wild Swimming has become more popular in recent years. Swimmers who may otherwise have stayed in a swimming pool have ventured outdoors to experience a new world. Often swimmers vary their swimming. From stretches in the sea, to swims in a river,  lake and even reservoir.

The happy wild swimming cap with its smiley cap design is very visible and a great fun swim cap to announce to others that the wearer is always “happy wild swimming“!

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