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“Happy swimming!” – it’s a great experience

Wear a smile as you swim and make others smile too!

Swimmers often wish each other ‘happy swimming’. Well, now you can say it from the top of your head! The fun, bright, happy face will make all around you smile too. Be a happy swimmer, enjoying your special time in the water – happy swimming everyone!

Join in by wearing one of the cheerful Happy Caps – via email to: happywildswimming@gmail.com 

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Swimming book “Swimming with smiles”

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Book “Swimming with smiles”
Available via email to:  happywildswimming@gmail.com
Want to join a group?

If you enjoy swimming feel free to join other swimmers around the World at Facebook group: Happy Wild Swimming

For anything else please email: happywildswimming@gmail.com  

Happy outdoor swimming lido swimming pool - altern8ives.com www.happyswimming.co.uk

Being happy in an outdoor lido swimming pool.

Involving a variety of locations to swim in and different places to see – it’s absolutely wonderful when you are truly enjoying swimming.

You’ll often hear swimmers state, “I’m always happy swimming!”

Swimming for pleasure or competition provides memorable experiences. It can be enjoyed with other swimmers in an outdoor lido, or alone in a swimming pool lane. The important thing is that you are happy doing what you love to do.

Swimmers around the world share the beautiful activity of swimming. Many take additional pleasure in wearing a variety of swimming accessories. One popular item is a swimming cap. The Happy Swimming cap is an ideal swim cap to make you and onlookers smile.

Produced from quality silicone for a long lasting fit. Bright, cheerful colours are highly visible for safety and, essentially, they are fantastic fun!

TO BUY A HAPPY CAP email: happywildswimming@gmail.com 

Swimming makes you happy and healthier!

Any swimmer will tell you they feel so much better after a good swim. They feel more at ease with life, less frustrated. They get a good night’s sleep too. You only have to review studies of swimming and swimmers to note that worldwide swimming makes people happier. Reports consistently reveal that going for a regular swim will make you feel happy, as well as healthier. Generally speaking, swimmers have a far more positive approach to daily life. Results show that swimming is the ideal low impact activity. Some statistics suggest sleep quality increases and energy levels rise by more than half as much again. In addition, swimming improves an individual’s fitness and well-being. A worthwhile session each week will have an immediate impact. The calming effect of the water seems to encourage greater self-worth, as once less tense, we simply feel happier! It’s commonly known that if you’re swimming you’re also undertaking one the best forms of exercise. It’s a pleasurable way to keep fit. Reports support claims that a few swimming sessions each week have excellent benefits towards emotional contentment. The general well-being of the individual improves and it happens almost immediately. Swimming is close to many people’s hearts. They look forward to a swim. They enjoy themselves whilst swimming. They often rave about having had a good swim. If you’ve not done so for awhile, rediscover your love of the water – start swimming again today!

… and an easy way to wear a smile while you swim is to buy a Happy Swimming cap


It really is good for your health and mental wellbeing!

People are happy swimmers in locations across the country – for more details please ask us.

Also of interest: www.swimming.org run by The ASA who have been in existence since 1869. They aim to encourage more people to swim, have fun swimming more often. The ASA operates a world renowned Learn to Swim award scheme.

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