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Happy Swimming Books available.

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Happy Swimming Books allow the readers to immerse themselves in the stories of other swimmers.

There are so many swimming related books but few allow a varied mix of swimmers to tell their tales in a series of Happy Swimming Books – available from happywildswimming @gmail.com

Happy Swimming Books are a collection of various stories from swimmers around the globe. swimmers from all walks of life and all locations across the world.

Reflections of favourites swims, swimming trips and memories, through their own words and photographs, provide a wonderful insight to happy swimming.

Happy wild swimming, happy cold swimming are the sub-titles to the first two books from the range.

Facebook group Happy Wild Swimming were instrumental in developing a fun happy swimming cap and so the swimmers stories collected became the Swimming with smiles book, followed by Swimming with shivers from stories by swimmers in cold water, winter conditions and ice swimming.

Join them on their individual journeys for a swim that means something personal to the writer. They have written each story in their own words and added favourite swimming photos for the readers to enjoy as if there themselves.

Happy Swimming Books are heart-warming, heart-felt, insightful, meaningful, fun yet emotional too. A real mixed bag of swimmers and stories.

It has been said that ‘variety is the spice of life’ and these happy swimming books will  provide exactly that to any reader swimmer or non-swimmer alike. Try them for yourselves!

There are many other items to be enjoyed by the swimmer looking for some fun and happy swimming moments.

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