Happy Fleece Hats embroidered happy hats www.altern8ives.com #happyhats #happyfleecehats #winterhats #swimhats

Happy Fleece Beanie Hats Embroidered Happy Hat

Happy Fleece Beanie Hats are available exclusively from us!

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Happy Fleece Beanie Hats come with a choice of 3 Happy logos and wording embroidered onto the front of double-layer, extremely warm fleece beanie hats in a choice of 8 colours:

Happy Fleece Hats embroidered happy hats www.altern8ives.com #happyhats #happyfleecehats #winterhats #swimhats
Happy Fleece Beanie Hats – embroidered – extremely warm double-layer – choice of 3 Happy logos – 8 colours 

Happy Fleece Hats Colours www.altern8ives.com Happy Hat Colours
 Any of 8 colours
Choose your colour … choose a Happy logo … stay warm!

Available in a range of 8 colours, these high quality embroidered design Happy Fleece Beanie Hats conveniently fit under hoods (unlike bobble hats), are windproof and quick drying, plus they provide anti-pilling ie avoids the bobbling!

Happy Fleece Beanie Hats embroidered happy hats www.altern8ives.com
Happy staying extra warm! Happy Fleece Beanie Hats
Happy Fleece Beanie Hats details:
  • Double-layer fleece
  • Extremely warm & comfortable to wear
  • Windproof from the chilly air
  • Quick drying after swims, rain or washing
  • 8 colours for variety of appearance
  • 3 Happy logos provide options to suit swims
  • Fit under hoods of hoodies, winter coats and changing robes
  • Anti-pilling so protects against bobbling
  • Stylish design for smart appearance
  • Light and convenient for wearing, carrying or packing
  • Machine washable
TO BUY any items please Contact Us
  1. Happy Cold Swimming
  2. Happy Wild Swimming
  3. Happy Swimming
Happy Fleece Beanie Hats and Hoodies logos www.altern8ives.com
Choice of 3 embroidered Happy logos for Hats & Hoodies

Note: Each fleece beanie hat is made-to-order so please allow up to 14 days for delivery, although often items are supplied sooner. Prices include postage to UK addresses. For overseas shipping please email: happywildswimming@gmail.com 

ALSO AVAILABLE for wording Happy Walking  – email orders to: happywalkinguk @gmail.com

The choice of fun happy faces will make all swimming occasions a happy time for swimmers and onlookers alike.

If you have any questions or for Non-UK shipping please email: happywildswimming@gmail.com

Happy Fleece Beanie Hats embroidered happy hats www.altern8ives.com

Embroidered Happy Fleece Hats

Stay much warmer any season of the year in your double-layer, windproof Happy Fleece Beanie Hat, which conveniently fits under the hood of your hoodies, winter coats and changing robes.

You’ll certainly be happier staying cosy and snug while looking great in any of the range of 8 colours, allowing you to mix and match to suit your personal fashion.

Keep your head warm and look great! Whether you’re an outdoor swimmer who enjoys wild swimming, open water swimming or just bathing in lido pools, or a lover of indoor swimming pools, these quick drying, easy to pack fleece hats provide the extra warm feeling much needed after any swim.

The variety of combinations of different logos and hat colours will suit everyone wanting a warm happy swimming experience, all year through. Pick a preferred wording to match all your seasonal swims. Take a smile with you to social swims, swim trips away and future swimming events.

Add some style to your head while staying snug and warm in your Happy Fleece Beanie Hat and have fun wearing your smiles all year long.

Happy Swimming!

Happy Hoodies Happy Wild Swimming Hoodies details colours www.altern8ives.com www.happywildswimming.com
Happy Hoodies Overhead & Zipped Embroidered!

Swimming with smiles Book Happy Wild Swimming Swim book Smiles www.altern8ives.com www.swimmingwithsmiles.com #swimmingwithsmiles #swimmingbook
Swimming with smiles – Happy Wild Swimming book – LAST FEW!

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