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Happy Cold Swimming Cap

COLD CAP DESIGN! Happy Cold Swimming cap

The Happy Cold Swimming cap is a high quality silicone swimming cap with a quirky fun design.

Do you love cold-water swimming? Are you an expert at the shiver-dance? Maybe you are an all year round costume swimmer, or simply just like to wear a smile wherever you swim, whatever you wear … as long as you’re happy cold swimming?

For the fun-loving cold water swimmer, there is no better way to declare your enjoyment of your hobby, than to wear your blue happy face smile during your aquatic adventures – see how many other swimmers and onlookers you can make smile too!

Happy Cold Swimming cap - www.altern8ives.com www.happywildswimming.com
Happy Cold Swimming caps

Costs £7.95 (+ postage) 

TO BUY a Happy Cold Swimming cap please email:

happywildswimming @gmail.com

You may also like to keep extremely warm after your to and from your swims!

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Happy Cold Swimming www.altern8ives.com
Happy Cold Swimming cap from www.altern8ives.com

Cold Water Swimming

Cold water swimmers enjoy the thrill of immersing themselves into all sorts of cold waters. Seas, rivers, lakes, even reservoirs. Often wearing just their swimming costumes and a suitable swimming cap. They call themselves winter swimmers, ice swimmers and cold swimmers. All prefer to swim in cold water conditions.

The nature of cold water swimming involves swimmers tolerating cold water temperatures down to ice conditions.

Those swimming in less than 5 degree water temperatures train over a period of time, often years, in order to acclimatise their bodies to achieve swimming a one mile course and claim certification as successfully being an ‘ice miler’. Extreme swimmers even swim underneath solid ice for a predetermined distance.

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