The Ethical Graphic Design Company Ltd

The Ethical Graphic Design Company helps promote organisations who are working for positive change, whether it be through education, the arts, campaigns or by helping people or the environment.

We do this by providing highly creative, highly effective graphic design. From bold promotional material to clever identities, from simple websites to cutting-edge illustration. With our broad design experience and boundless enthusiasm for ethical issues we can give you a personal, knowledgable and above all, approachable service that gets your message across.

Graphic design plays an important role in society by marketing ideas, products and services.

At The Ethical Graphic Design Company we believe in taking the moral high ground and only producing design for good.

Wherever possible we promise to:

  • Only provide graphic design for companies, organisations or individuals who work to benefit humans, animals or the environment
  • Never do business with an unethical or immoral organisation
  • Run our business as kindly to the environment as possible We also promise to be nice, friendly and honest to people.

Get in touch to find out how nice we can be!

For a free quote or to chat about your design needs:

Phone:  07792 574458


Or write to:

The Ethical Graphic Design Company Limited, 2 Longmead Cottages, Tonedale, Wellington, Somerset TA21 0AG

Website & portfolio: The Ethical Graphic Design Company


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