Car Sticker Happy Wild Swimming

Car Sticker – for inside car windows

Treat your car to a happy smile today!

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Car sticker - Happy Wild Swimming - smiley sticker
Car Window Sticker – Happy Wild Swimming

Each car sticker has a bright yellow happy face in the centre, under which there is black wording: Happy Wild Swimming

They are printed as a clear transparent sticker to be placed on the inside of car windows. Ready-cut to the circle shape of approx 100 mm diameter, simply peel & stick to the inside of glass with the option to remove and re-apply as required.

Share a smile with onlookers – join in now!

UK CUSTOMERS can buy for ONLY £2.25 each sticker OR just £1 when bought at the same time as another Happy item – includes postage & packing – Please email your request and address to:


For non-UK deliveries please request a quote. 

Express your enjoyment today. Show others you are someone who is always happy wild swimming. Place your happy wild swimming car window sticker in full view to passers-by and other road-users.

The car sticker is easily positioned on the inside of your car window and can also be repositioned by carefully peeling it from the window to then stick it to a new location. Equally suited to any glass window surface as well as to car windows, this car sticker will shine a smile to all who look.

Smile at a bright yellow happy face every time you get in you car!

Car sticker - Happy Wild Swimming - smiley sticker
Car window sticker – Happy Wild Swimming

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Different stickers.

Stickers for cars can come in various shapes and sizes all around the world. Some are for one-time use, you stick them on and they are there until you scrape them off or they wear away. Others, like the car sticker Happy Wild Swimming are removable to allow repositioning any time after the initial placing on the inside of the car window.

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