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clock clockmaker innkeeper
Clock Innkeeper

High quality British manufactured clocks. The whole range of fine wall clocks are designed and made in Britain.

Rathbone & Ward clocks can be bought as shown in the images below.

In addition, there is a choice for the clocks to be made BESPOKE. Your business or organisation can be represented on the dial of the classic traditional wall clocks. Your logo, text or both, can be positioned on the clock face. Options include a polished aluminium case or black surround. Either cathedral or spade hands along with your choice of Roman numerals or Arabic design. To discuss your bespoke requirements please Contact Us

Clocks Regional Range clockmakers
Clocks Regional Range

Clocks in the REGIONAL range are ‘advert’ wall clocks. Depicting a time when individual towns had their own clock maker. Maybe your home or business is featured in one of these clocks?

clock clockmaker
Clock Regional
Clock Retro shelf
Clocks Retro Range

Beautifully stylish clocks in the RETRO range. Inspiration for the designs of these are from wall clocks used during the late 1930’s into the 1960’s.

clock clockmaker metroelectric
Clock Metroelectric range

The selection of METROLECTRIC fine British designed wall clocks are in various styles. Made in England, you know these clocks are stylish and excellent quality too! The 1950’s style electric wall clock, the Metrolectric Factory clock, contains a retro style dial just like original designs. It sits within its deep case surrounded by a gently sweeping concave curve. The British made retro wall clock has a unique look. It’s as desirable today as it was decades ago, when it first appeared on British factory walls. Along with traditional offices, schools and cafes, the homes of many fashion-conscious people were proud to own one of these clocks.

clock clockmakers traditional clocks
Clock Traditional advertising
clock clockmakers clocks maker
Clock Traditional

TRADITIONAL clocks are classic dial design. True to themselves, they are made in England and don’t contain false winding holes, rust appearance nor fake chipped enamel.

These traditional wall clocks, as well as the retro 50’s electric style wall clocks, are carefully assembled in the beautiful English fishing port of Brixham in South Devon.

clock clocks clockmakers
Clock Churston White

Please note:

An added reason to consider these excellent products. You can be comforted that the purchase of these clocks supports British manufacturing jobs. They avoid unnecessary impact on the environment associated with purchasing items from around the world.

For more precise details or to talk through your preferred requests, please Contact Us

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