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Welcome! So you are happy to buy? 

To buy something you may not have thought of is often a pleasure. We list a few alternatives for you to buy. These are considerations recommended by ourselves from personal experiences or provided to us as worthwhile suggestions from valued individuals.

Please have a look at the drop-down lists showing a few ideas to buy. More will be added in time, so pop back and look again soon. Or if you’re looking to buy a certain item which is not shown, simply let us know how we can best help you. We may have the answer you cannot find.

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Happy swimming caps

Happy swimming caps - www.altern8ives.com
Happy Swimming caps

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Why do we buy things?

Gifts are given to please the receiver. To express a gratitude, to make someone happy or say thank you. You can buy yourself a treat or reward. Maybe a surprise, unexpected item for a friend, or a loved one. The type of present needs to have reason behind it. You may receive a different response to giving a deodorant rather than flowers. The first could imply you think that the receiver stinks, while a few roses show tenderness or passion. Think of the outcome you want. Is it a practical solution you are gifting or something the other person will take pleasure in receiving?

There are many occasions to buy something with reason. There are also those times a frivolous expense provides the pleasure itself. So whether for a birthday surprise, Christmas present or self-indulgent acquisition, enjoy what you buy.

NB: Business enquiries to www.altern8ives.com or any names mentioned on this website should be made to:

info @altern8ives.com

Please state ‘Business’ or an appropriate subject in the email title.

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