Happy 2020 cap Happy New Year 2020

Happy 2020 cap Happy New Year Happy Wild Swimming Happy Swimming

Happy 2020 Cap Happy Wild Swimming
The 2020 Swimming Cap Happy Wild Swimming – available in a choice of colours


Say Happy 2020 and Happy New Year wearing these fun smiles and enjoy your swimming all year long with happy faces for all to see.

Available in a choice of bright swimming cap colours, these high quality silicone swimming caps containing the unique design of Happy smiles within the year will make you glad to be swimming all year round.

EXCLUSIVELY FROM US – so be quick if you wish to give these as Christmas gifts and to wear in New Year swimming events as these are via request only.

To buy your 2020 cap:

Simply tell us how many of which colours you want to email: happywildswimming@gmail.com 



Share the love of the happy faces for New Year swims and continue to wear the smiley face design wherever you swim during 2020

Treat your friends and family members to feeling happy every time they swim.

Suitable for all swimming needs. Whether enjoying outdoor swimming dips, wild swimming locations, swimming races, Lido swims or indoor swimming pools.

Life is about enjoying happy times and happy faces speak volumes!

Be a swimmer who shares the funny face designs and be a happy swimmer swimming with smiles. Show others just how much you love swimming. Declare that you are happy swimming by wearing your Happy cap for all to see.

Swimming is a fantastic way to stay healthy and make friends. There are social swimming groups, swimming events, swimming holidays, swimming meet-ups. All will provide many happy memories.

For the solo swimmers, the smiles will definitely get you noticed as well as keep you visibly safe in the sea, lakes, open water, etc.


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