Happy 2017 Swimming Cap

Happy 2017 Swimming cap in various colours

Happy 2017 caps are high quality silicone swimming caps with our fun design happy smiley face within the 2017

Choose your colours from the drop-down menu

Happy 2017 cap colours Happy New Year cap swimming 2017 www.altern8ives.com
Happy 2017 caps – choice of colours

***Note: Happy 2017 caps have SOLD OUT***

See alternative options of Happy Wild Swimming caps or Happy 2018 cap

Happy 2018 cap design www.altern8ives.com #happy 2018 Happy New Year
Happy 2018 caps

Celebrate 2017 from start to finish with this fun design silicone swimming cap.

Make the year a happy 2017 and encourage a smile from all who see you as you swim. Ideal for indoor swimming pools and outdoor swimming such as openwater events and wild swimming social swims.

Make it a happy 2017 from the very first time you put on your happy 2017 cap through to the last day of the year!

If you enjoy your swimming and like the idea of keeping in touch with likeminded people then why not join in with Facebook group: Happy Wild Swimming and even upload to the group? Images of swimmers in their happy caps are always welcome as are friendly comments between swimmers.

In addition to the range of swimming caps see also the Happy Wild Swimming Hoodies. Ideal for keeping warm but also a smooth to touch feel and stylish appearance along with high quality embroidered logo and wording.

With an optional embroidered tagline on the back of “Swimming with smiles” you’ll be happier in the water than you’ve ever been, wherever you swim!

Which is what the many swimmers are who feature in the book “Swimming with smiles” – Happy Wild Swimming. Around 70 stories over 200 pages and 400 favourite photographs from an assortment of outdoor swimmers. Tales to tell, memories recalled and places to share. All with a smile on the face and on their heads!

Buy your own book from www.swimmingwithsmiles.com

Book Swimming with smiles Happy Wild Swimming books www.swimmingwithsmiles.com www.altern8ives.com #swimmingwithsmiles #happywildswimming #book
Book available now “Swimming with smiles”



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