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“Fancy putting one foot in front of the other?”

Walk walking Cockington village www.altern8ives.com
“Where will your walk lead to?”

Happy walking, hiking, rambling or strolling – they all get you to new places!

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Once you are where you wish to be you can enjoy the sights with your own eyes … in fact, with all your senses.

Whether you enjoy a good long hike or just a nice pleasant stroll.

If you fancy rambling with people sharing their local knowledge

or simply to be given the route to go out alone?

Walk walking hiking rambling Dartmoor www.altern8ives.com
“Worth the walk!”

For more ideas or suggested walks join the Facebook group Happy Walking UK – www.facebook.com/happywalkinguk/  or Contact Us

Walk walking hiking rambling country fence
“Over that fence a new view awaits”
wak walking harbour marina hiking www.altern8ives.com
“A walk above the harbour”
walk walking hiking stroll seaside coast www.altern8ives.com
“A salty coastal stroll”
Walking hiking rambling strolling walk - alternatives
Woodland walking , hill hiking, Moors rambling, riverside strolls

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