Happy Experiences

Experiences can change your world.

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Another new day begins … what will you do today?

There are many experiences to choose.

When you recall your experiences to date, where were you most happy? Would you like to repeat any of them or try a new experience? Where would you like to be when you next smile with satisfaction that you made the right choice?

Happy choices lead to the best happy experiences.

1. Do you love being in the water? Would you like to seek out new places? Then join in with some Happy Wild Swimming or kayak in support of the swimmers. Email happywildswimming @gmail.com

Happy in water swimming www.altern8ives
Happy in water – Facebook Group; Happy Wild Swimming
Kayaking in the sea happy experiences www.altern8ives.com
Happy on the sea – kayak as support for fun swimmers

2. Are you happier with both feet on the ground? Will you enjoy a simple seaview stroll, a long country walk, or a strenuous hike across some Moors? Then wrap up warm in these Happy Walking hats & hoodies – Email happywalkinguk @gmail.com

Happy walking experiences - woodland hike, Moor rambling, River walk, seaview stroll www.altern8ives
Facebook Group: Happy Walking UK – Woodland walk, hillside hike, Moor rambling, river walk, seaview stroll 

There are many more options available not listed here, so if you would like us to suggest some ideas to you we will gladly get back to you with some recommendations for you to consider … no obligation!

Looking for something? Then Contact Us

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How does it work? It’s quite simple … altern8ives allow you to make more happy choices

smile - its good for you! smiling happy www.altern8ives.com

Experiences can come in many forms. Some welcome, some not. Choose yours and you’ll be in control of what you wish to be doing. There are so many options in life. Take a look at a few opportunities to enjoy when you have time.

Explore. Have an adventure. Live life to the full. Share some memories. Just take the time to do something new or different. Until you look you will not see. Until you try you will not know. A simple step in the right direction can open up a host of new things to do. Think back to when you last enjoyed a surprise activity or moment. Why did you get to do that and why did you enjoy it? Just a tiny decision can have a huge impact on making you happier.

Be happy!

A happy place for presents, gifts and ideas of things to do

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