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Wild Swimming With A Smile

Wild swimming is the chosen hobby for many swimmers these days.   Those who do can always be seen wearing a smile!

Happy Wild Swimming off rocks diving in - www.happywildswimming.com www.altern8ives.com
Happy Wild Swimming – Diving In!

There are many wild swimming groups around the world providing various options. Regular fixed places or varying locations to try. Some are paid-for excursion companies and others simply free to join-in social groups.

One such Facebook group is: Happy Wild Swimming Caps or see www.happywildswimming.com

Happy Wild Swimming Caps sea www.happywildswimming.com www.altern8ives.com
Happy Wild Swimming Caps in a calm blue sea

Join in  the fun and wear a smile as you do. Be happy swimming wherever you swim. There are many options of swimming caps and none are more cheerful than the ‘happy’ caps.


Make this year the year you get involved. Get into swimming – become happy wild swimming!

For various associated items see www.altern8ives.com


Life can be full of surprises and unexpected pleasures. Swimming indoors or outdoors can be one of them. To experience  swimming in the natural seas, rivers and lakes is to feel part of those unique environments.  Swimmers who wild swim find themselves immersed in personal satisfaction and social wellbeing. The only way to find out if it’s the hobby for you is to give it a go. So, either take your time to ask some questions, research where and when you can try it … or, find a few likeminded people and simply dive in! You are more than likely to find yourself a whole new happy world.

For more information or to understand what is involved go to: www.happywildswimming.com or www.happyswimming.co.uk


With all swimming comes the provision for personal safety. Always understand the area you are swimming in and seek companions for swims since solo swimming is not advisable incase of any unforeseen occurrences whilst enjoying your swim. Take care, always be safe and stay happy swimming!