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The stories are true short stories by swimmers from UK, USA and around the world. They are written in their own words and supported by favourite photographs supplied by the swimmers. The assortment of outdoor swimmers share their private moments of experiences with outdoor swimming and open water events. Their childhood memories, special achievements and most enjoyed locations are included among personal illnesses and overcoming unforeseen challenges in their lives. All written as they wish to tell it. simply swimmers writing for other swimmers and non-swimmers to enjoy.

Swimming Books Happy Swimming Swimming with Smiles Swimming with Shivers Sal A Minty-Gravett MBE & Colin Hill The writers of the Forewords to books &
Sal A Minty-Gravett MBE & Colin Hill The writers of the Forewords to books &
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“Swimming with smiles” is a feel-good read and ideal for those looking to read a variety of stories from a diverse range of people all sharing a similar hobby of swimming outdoors – commonly known as wild swimming. The original group of Happy Wild Swimming was founded in UK in early 2014 and from it came the happy caps designs worn by all the swimmers contributing stories to the book.

The Swimming with shivers book provides a first hand view of the experiences the cold swimmers endure. Some explain why they get into cold waters for fun social swims, others describe how they survive the icy waters of winter swimming and achieving ice miles. Several have even undertaken swims in Antarctica with their photographs of wonderful visions adding further to the assortment of personal images throughout both books. The Happy Cold Swimming caps are also part of the Facebook group: Happy Wild Swimming.

Facebook group: Happy Wild Swimming is available for all to join and enjoy. Take a look and join today!

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