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A wonderful, inspiring collection of true stories and photographs by a wide range of swimmers sharing insights into their personal experiences in cold water, winter events and ice swimming around the world.

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Swimming with shivers is a wonderful collection of outdoor swimmers’ true stories of experiences in cold water, ice and winter swimming conditions. Supported with personal photographs, they explain in their own words why they thrive on getting into low temperature waters in seas, rivers, lakes and even event swimming courses cut-out of ice.

Informative and engaging the book allows the reader to understand who these swimmers are, where they swim and how they survive the afterdrop and post-swim shivers safely all year round.

Swimming Books Happy Swimming Swimming with Smiles Swimming with Shivers www.altern8ives.com Sal A Minty-Gravett MBE & Colin Hill The writers of the Forewords to books www.swimmingwithsmiles.com & www.swimmingwithshivers.com
Sal A Minty-Gravett MBE & Colin Hill They  each wrote a Foreword to the books www.swimmingwithsmiles.com & www.swimmingwithshivers.com

The swimmers in this book are happy cold swimming, choosing to swim in the coldest water they can endure, often whilst dressed in just a swimming costume, goggles and a swim cap. Many try it for a quick dip, social swim and fun swimming events. Others do so for personal endurance challenges, swimming an ice mile with accreditation from the IISA (International Ice Swimming Association) or other cold water competitive achievements.

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Swimming with shivers is a compilation of true stories by swimmers from around the world. Each shares their true experiences of swimming in a variety of cold water environments.

If you’ve ever wondered if you could swim in such harsh water conditions, then read these accounts. The swimmers divulge their personal journeys of progressing from warm water swimming to cold swimming. From local pools and lidos to globetrotting endeavours for pleasure and glory.

These swimmers who are swimming with shivers do so from all walks of life. All abilities and all locations are covered in their striving to enjoy the varying degrees of cold waters.

Swimming with shivers book will enlighten you and guide you to a world few really know about.

CO-AUTHORS: Claire Bunker-Fellingham & Gary Standen

Claire and Gary include a little of their background in the book yet they are quick to emphasise that this book is about the various swimmers’ experiences and recollections in their own words. The stories the swimmers chose to share along with personal photographs for the reader to enjoy.

“Swimming with shivers” is by and for the swimmers – each telling their own story.

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