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Happy Caps – Smiley Cap Happy Swim Cap

“Wear a happy caps smile while you’re happy swimming … anywhere!”

If you have a fun side to your swimming, happy caps are perfect for you. Super comfy, high quality silicone caps, great fun design swimming caps in a choice of wording. Ideal to wear in a swimming pool and for outdoor swimming. Excellent visibility in the sea, river, lake or wherever you swim!

Happy caps make everyone smile!

TO BUY or ASK FOR DETAILS about any of the Happy caps please email your request to: happywildswimming @gmail.com 

1. Happy Smiles Caps silicone swim cap – by request only to happywildswimming @gmail.com

Happy Smiles Caps Happy swimming caps

2. Happy Cold Swimming silicone swim cap – by request only to happywildswimming @gmail.com

Happy Cold Swimming cap - www.altern8ives.com www.happywildswimming.com
Happy Cold Swimming caps

3. Happy Wild Swimming silicone swim cap – by request only to happywildswimming @gmail.com

Happy Wild Swimming Caps www.happywildswimming.com www.happyswimming.co.uk www.altern8ives.com
Happy Wild Swimming caps

4. Happy Swimming silicone swim cap – ONLY FOR BATCHES OF 25 CAPS OR MORE – by request only to happywildswimming @gmail.com

Happy swimming caps - www.altern8ives.com www.happyswimming.co.uk
Happy Swimming caps

5. ASSOCIATED GROUPS supplied by Happy Wild Swimming – caps by request to email: happywildswimming@gmail.com  

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If you have any questions please email: happywildswimming@gmail.com

A Happy World

You may enjoy swimming alone in your chosen world of holistic solitude. You may be happy swimming in a group, large or small. Possibly you regularly swim far out at sea through crashing waves and currents. Maybe you frequently swim across a deep lake, or only occasionally swim drifting along a quiet tranquil river. Wherever and however you swim, the cheerful design of these happy caps for swimming will set you apart from less adventurous swimmers. The happy caps highly visible smiley face will help keep you safe from water traffic and allow fellow swimmers to clearly locate you during a swim.

The distinctive happy smile logo is a deliberate choice to depict the feeling expressed by all swimmers enjoying the world of outdoor swimming, declaring their pleasure at the healthy hobby. Whether you are happy swimming at speed in a distance open water swimming event race, or simply like a pootle along sightseeing on a scenic coastline swim, these happy wild swimming caps make you, other swimmers and any onlookers feel much happier.

There are few  better feelings than the feeling of sharing a smile with friends, family and even complete strangers. So come on, join other swimmers today by purchasing a cap and you too can “wear a smile” when you next go swimming.

A smile makes others smile too!

You may wish to join in the fun side of uploading images for other people to enjoy seeing. If so, do what other swimmers who buy these caps do, go to public group FACEBOOK Happy Wild Swimming where you can upload your own images and share the moments with fellow swimmers.

If you have any questions about buying, please email: happywildswimming@gmail.com