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Swimming books offers buy now book offer

Swimming books often cover just places to swim or biographies of swimmers telling their own individual stories. However, the Swimming with smiles book and Swimming with shivers book each contain a variety of swimmers’ personal stories and their chosen photographs from around the world – a wonderful choice of stories to read in any order that suits you.

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Swimming with smiles Book Happy Wild Swimming Swim book Smiles #swimmingwithsmiles #swimmingbook
Swimming with smiles – Happy Wild Swimming book


Swimming with shivers book for only £13.59 + p&p

That's 20% SAVED on the RRP £16.99 +p&p

Swimming with shivers Book Front Cover + Spine


Buy BOTH BOOKS for as little as £24.99 + p&p

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Swimming with smiles Book Happy Wild Swimming Swim book Smiles #swimmingwithsmiles #swimmingbook Swimming with shivers Book Front Cover + Spine

These swimming books offers are limited so don’t delay – buy today!

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These swimming books are enjoyed by swimmers and non-swimmers alike!

Swimming books come in all shapes and sizes. They range from purely educational books in support of training and development, through to light-hearted fun true stories.

There are many swimming books to choose from so make a happy choice. Choose to read about other swimmers. Let them share their wonderful and insightful stories and photographs with you. Allow yourself to be immersed into their worlds of swimming with smiles and swimming with shivers.

The swimmers in these swimming books have personal reasons for enjoying all their swims. Whether dipping or seeking to cross the English Channel, whether to find social fun and friendships or to achieve ambitions of distant swimming or swimming ice miles. They will tell you why they do and how they do in all sorts of different locations.

Those swimmers who continue to swim all year round explain how being happy cold swimming has allowed them to cope with and be thrilled at swimming with shivers. The images and articles will educate and inform the reader. The stories will tug at your heart strings one minute, before making you laugh moments after.

These swimming books provide informative content, allow the reader to become aware of swimming events, different locations and the variety of challenges undertaken and ambitions sought by various swimmers the whole world over.

Drift into their world of swimming chapter by chapter and allow yourself to be with them during their moments of success and failures as they provide true stories of adventures in water and experiences only they can explain in their own words.

Swimming books rarely allow you to read several swimmers’ views in one book. These do. Buy them today and enjoy them for as long as you wish, revisiting the swimmers’ stories and photographs as often as you wish.

Enjoy every page as they do every stroke!

For more information see

or email

Happy Swimming All Year Happy Cold Swimming

Happy swimming all year is what they say – more and more swimmers are happy swimming through the year.

As February begins we have seen an increase in swimmers who have endured winter swimming conditions and are still enjoying their cold water swimming – with additional requests for our Happy Cold Swimming caps.

Happy Cold Swimming cap happy swimming all year -
Happy Cold Swimming cap –

The New Year saw many swimmers also grab a special option of a Happy 2017 cap (sold out) which many plan to wear throughout the year.

December saw the successful release for Christmas of the first book “Swimming with smiles” – Happy Wild Swimming.

Book Swimming with smiles Happy Wild Swimming books #swimmingwithsmiles #happywildswimming #book
Swimming with smiles book –

It instantly gained much interest from swimmers and non-swimmers alike, with wonderful feedback from the readers so far and a nice book review in the H2Open Magazine.

Book review swimming with smiles book wildswim book happy swimming book
Book Review “Swimming with Smiles” –

The book can only be purchased from or

The ever-increasing interest in the Facebook group: Happy Wild Swimming, with the associated items such as happy caps, “Swimming with smiles” book, Happy Hoodies, etc, all via has already lead to the next book being on the way.

Titled “Swimming with Shivers” it is intended for earliest release to be available along side the first book.

This latest book will focus on the swimmers’ personal experiences of cold water swimming / ice swimming / winter swimming and will include background on the events and various associations.

To be added to the list to be notified of a release date please:

Contact Us or email to hello

Happy swimming all year in cold water

There was a time most people wouldn’t entertain leaving their home without being fully wrapped up. Nowadays more and more are heading out with their swim costume ready to swim in cold water conditions.

Local lido pools and lakes are staying open all year and of course the coastline and riverbanks allow easy access to the sea and rivers all year round.

With the increase in popularity of swimmers being happy swimming all year, so have events for those wishing to. These provide safe, fun environments for the cold water enthusiasts, as well as revenue for the local pools or groups putting on the event. They encourage everyone to look after each other in what is proving to be a very healthy pastime for all ages, from young children to ‘eager to stay fit’ elderly individuals.

The excitement extends around the world now – from cold water, winter swimming to others training themselves for ice miles and swimming under the ice too. There is definitely an increase in worldwide interest in being happy swimming all year round.

If you have questions please ASK HERE

To buy items please go to


Happy Swimming Book Happy 2017 Caps Buy Both

Happy Swimming Book Swimming with smiles Happy Wild Swimming books #swimmingwithsmiles #happywildswimming #book
Happy swimming book – “Swimming with smiles” Happy Wild Swimming

So who wants a happy swimming book then? Clearly many want a good one since the book “Swimming with smiles” made it’s arrival in December and has instantly been very well received by all who are happy swimming. Not just around UK but in USA, Europe and even down under!

Filled full with almost 70 true short stories by an assortment of outdoor swimmers, each telling their tales from childhood to more recent times, it doesn’t lack content. There is so much included inside it keeps all book readers interested.


This wonderful swimming book allows each swimmer to express their thoughts and memories in their own words. Accompanied by 400 photos across more than 200 pages it covers a whole range of outdoor swimming informative views.

The contributing swimmers include various groups around UK and USA, plus an Australian, a Dutch Naval officer and a lady in China. There are tales of childhood times, recovering from illnesses and achieving personal successes. From simply getting into the water and being happy swimming to those who have exceeded their ambitions and swum the English Channel solo. All provide a worthwhile read from the swimmer’s own point of view.

With the additions of some recommended swim locations, events attended and challenges undertaken, this swim book is a very well compiled book.

Most swimming books are about locations. This happy swimming book is centred around the happy swimming enjoyed by members of the Facebook group Happy Wild Swimming and the various happy caps worn by the swimmers. The latest being the Happy 2017 cap.

Happy 2017 cap Happy swimming colours Happy New Year cap swimming 2017

The Happy 2017 cap celebrates the forthcoming New Year and allows swimmers to continue wearing the swimming cap throughout the 2017 year ahead.

Available from it is one of several swimming cap designs and swimming swimwear items they provide. The happy logo continues to work it’s magic on this new swim hat proudly positioned within the zero of the Happy 2017 wording.

Join in the fun and declare a Happy 2017 to everyone who sees you!


Book Swimming with smiles pages

Book Swimming with smiles pages


A dozen pages snippets from book Swimming with smiles pages


“The team was made up of swimmers from 21 countries …”

“I saw the sunrise. A board got held up on the boat saying I had another half-hour to swim. Seriously? …”

“Five of us waded into the waves and headed off towards the island.”

“The beach is always quiet, even on a hot bank holiday, and has a mixture of sand and pebbles (which change shape as you move along the coast).”

“The pain was constant. I couldn’t move and had to be helped just to get to the bathroom.”

“We didn’t wear goggles or hats in those days and certainly not wetsuits!”

“I don’t actually remember learning to swim. It just sort of happened …”

“I mastered moving all my limbs in such a manner I would manage not to drown until I got to safety.”

“All too soon it is time to head back to the shore. We pass out through the main entrance to the cave, which is so big it could easily swallow a modern fishing trawler.”

“Looking back this was the most amazing month and genuinely changed me.”

“The water was halfway up the van. Another guy was trying to push the van back out.”

… in the Philippines to retrieve the ship’s anchor which had been lost during a typhoon.”

Swimming with smiles Book Happy Wild Swimming Swim book Smiles #swimmingwithsmiles #swimmingbook
Book: “Swimming with smiles”

Book Review Swimming with smiles

BOOK REVIEW COMMENTS following pre-launch reading of “Swimming with smiles”

Book review  Swimming with smiles. First Feedbacks: 20 and counting …

“I found myself wanting to keep reading to see what the next person had to say”

“A real eye-opener to the world of outdoor swimmers. I knew they existed but now I feel I know some of the many characters that make up the vast and varied community out there!”

“People, places, backgrounds, memories, swim spots, achievements, heartaches, successes … so much it felt like it was two books in one!”

“A wonderfully insightful blend of short stories and complimentary images. Numerous swimmers each with various points of view and locations with hundreds of photos”

“A cracking read. Full of different people’s views on outdoor swimming and how they’ve engaged with the water. An excellent mix of light-hearted fun and personal achievements. I really enjoyed it!”

“Packed full with anecdotes and lovely photos – swimmers simply rattled off their own short stories and shared lots of favourite photos”

“I enjoyed reading about a variety of swimmers stories”

“Just made me keep smiling all the way through”

“So nice to hear why different people choose to do what they do”

“Quite a unique book. I can’t think of another similar one!”

“I learned things I never knew I wanted to know! I’ve now seen photos I’m glad I’ve got to see”

“I was looking to read some stories and came away feeling like I really want to meet these people and join in with their smiles”

“I don’t read very often but I couldn’t stop reading this book”

“Read it. You won’t regret it”

“I’ve read other books about one swimmer and got bored, but I found myself eager to get to know each of the many dozen in this book”

“Simple content, simple to read – simply wonderful in its entirety”

“The swimmers are amazing. I’d like to thank each one of them for sharing their past moments and personal thoughts with strangers like me”

“What a nice happy book. Even those with heartaches keep smiling. A credit to themselves and the community they are part of”

“Just looking at the photos alone made me feel good, let alone all the stories. I‘m buying one for my mum!”

“Well done. I’ll be reading it again!”

Book Swimming with smiles Happy Wild Swimming books #swimmingwithsmiles #happywildswimming #book
Book Available to preorder “Swimming with smiles”


Book Swimming with smiles Now available

Book Swimming with smiles is

Now available!

Delivery before Christmas.

Pre-Order Yours today.

Swimming with smiles Book Happy Wild Swimming Swim book Smiles #swimmingwithsmiles #swimmingbook
Book Swimming with smiles

Book Swimming with smiles content:

400 Full Colour Photographs

Over 200 pages

Almost 70 True Stories

If you would like it before Christmas …

Buy Now via


Note: RRP £16.99  + ‘signed-for’ post to UK address at £3 = Total £19.99  Books will posted at the earliest date available in December following receipt of full payment. For non-UK addresses or other enquiries please Contact Us

2. Register for updates: HERE 

Thank you!
A little hint at the rear cover …
Swimming with smiles Book Happy Wild Swimming Swim book Smiles
Book Swimming with smiles (back)

Contact Us

Book Swimming with smiles will be available in time for Christmas. More information will be updated here as well as in the Facebook group: Happy Wild Swimming

See also Facebook pages Swimming with smiles, Happy Wild Swimming Publications, Happy Wild Swimming Gear. Also on Twitter @happywildswim @altern8ives @happyswimmingUK etc.

More details will appear soon.

NOTE: Happy Wild Swimming caps and related swimming items are available from and Facebook group: Happy Wild Swimming – Join in the fun!

Happy swimming and swimming with smiles – it dosen’t get much better!

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Happy Wild Swimming Hoodies BUY NOW!

Happy Wild Swimming Hoodies Hoody Tops sweatshirts
Happy Wild Swimming Hoodies

Stay warm and really cosy in these high quality embroidered Happy Wild Swimming hoodies with double-layered hood and ribbon pull cords. Zipped with side pockets or Overhead with kangaroo pouch pocket.

Optional wording “Swimming with smiles” on the back and various sizes and styles to suit all ages and fitting choices.

To order go to: Happy Wild Swimming Hoodies

or Contact Us

Happy wild swimming hoodie zipped blue being worn
Happy Wild Swimming hoodie in royal blue
Happy wild swimming hoodie tagline on pink
“Swimming with smiles”
Happy wild swiming Badge Logo on pink
Happy Wild Swimming logo
Happy wild swimming hoodie Zipped folded blue
Happy Wild Swimming hoodie with zip


Stay warm and cosy as well as look stylish in these extremely good quality long-lasting hoodies from Happy Wild Swimming.

Why settle for cheaper ones that are less quality? Happy Wild Swimming hoodies are available at an extremely reasonable price for this superior quality – these are worth every penny!

Embroidered happy face logo and embroidered wording means they look great and will keep looking that way – embroidery makes sense, it doesn’t peel like print can and the raised threads add to an all round higher quality, more stylish hoodie.

Treat yourself to a happy very warm hoodie today and immediately feel the benefit of their comfortable fit style and high quality material, while the smiley face will make others smile too.

The hoodie with the smile makes everyone happy!

Extra warmth comes from the double-layered hood, added to the roomy pockets, they are practical yet fully stylish. The happy face logo makes everyone happy and the range of colours allows all to have their preferred colour.

Any questions ask via the above Contact Us link or email:  hello

Hoodies come in all sorts of styles these days but the important thing is are they going to keep you warm whilst looking good? These Happy Wild Swimming hoodies do both! They are high quality, comfortably fitting designs and the logo and wording (optional) are embroidered for long lasting look. The hood is double-layered for extra warmth and the ties are stylish ribbon pull cords not strings.

Be happy – wear Happy Wild Swimming hoodies.

Happy Cold Swimming Cap

Happy Cold Swimming cap -
Happy Cold swimming cap

Cold swimming has become a popular way to swim.

The Happy Cold Swimming cap is new to the range of ‘Happy’ caps swimming collection.

Ideal for those who like to share the pleasure of cold swimming in chilly water and at the same time wear a cheeky happy face.

Happy Cold Swimming
Happy Cold Swimming cap from

The blue faced fun design swimming cap is indicative of the cold water most winter swimmers revel in. The white base colour to the cap has similarity to the snow of winter swimming, or the ice white of the ice swimming conditions, several extreme winter swimmers endure.

Treat yourself to a Happy Cold Swimming cap in your caps collection today.

Available from

Alternatively you can request your Happy Cold Swimming cap from …

Twitter : @coldswimming

Email to:



Stay happy – Stay seen – Stay safe!

As nice as it is to enjoy the natural waters all year round, it is vital to stay safe. The cold water can be severely cold at times. There are swimmers who train specifically to endure the low temperatures of organised cold water swimming events. There are also social and hobby swimmers who gradually build-up their tolerance to the harsh waters. If you wish to begin swimming in colder waters first seek advice and understanding from those who do. Have a companion with you where possible. If not in the water, then as land support watching you swim. Agree a signal or action to be taken in the event that a serious situation occurs. Taking the right steps allows you to fully enjoy the adventure of cold water swimming.

The joy of swimming free in open natural water is something personal to the individual. Until tried it cannot be understood to many an onlooker.  But at least in your Happy Cold Swimming cap they will be smiling back at you as you enjoy your cold swim!


Happy Wild Swimming Spots On Video

Swimmers Favourite Swimming Spots Around The World.

With an increase in interest in their fun design Happy Wild Swimming Caps from swimmers around the World, the Facebook group: Happy Wild Swimming Caps has received video clips from swimmers showing the various favourite places they enjoy their wild swimming activities.

Happy Wild Swimming off rocks diving in -
Happy Wild Swimming – Diving In!

The swimming spots range from being in the sea, river, lake or streams to plunging in mountain pools and reservoirs.

The thrills are often captured in photographs, but not as frequently in video.

A few have joined in uploading video clips of swim spots by a basic 360 degree view. Others are becoming far more creative with music tracks and even wildlife involved. Take a look in the group!

CAPS worn by Gary and Claire

When it comes to swimmers being happy wild swimming it’s clearly a case of watch this space!

… or at least watch Facebook: Happy Wild Swimming Caps


Happy Wild Swimming English Channel Relay Team

Happy Wild Swimming English Channel Relay Team

Happy Wild Swimming Dryrobe English Channel Relay Team logo happy smile smiley
Happy Wild Swimming English Channel Relay Team

The challenge ahead starts with months if not years of hard training in cold water. Then the big event itself … swimming across the English Channel to France.

Notoriously the crossing is through the busiest sea traffic imaginable, including cross-channel ferries, oil tankers, commercial fishing vessels and privately owned yachts. Add in a mix of waves, gusting winds, changeable tides, stinging jellyfish, sea pollution and strong varying currents … and you’ll understand why so many fail to reach French soil.

However, the ‘happy’ team will be in safe hands as coach Tony Marshall successfully swam his solo crossing last year and is in training for a unique double-crossing solo next year. This year he has trained the 6 swimmers for their relay and has high hopes for success.

One thing is for sure, the team will be staying warm from all the elements this life-changing challenge throws at them as they’ll be huddled inside their Happy Wild Swimming Dryrobes, which are waterproof, towelling insulated for warmth and quick drying and are the perfect individual’s private changing room.

Happy Wild Swimming English Channel Relay Team Dryrobe dryrobe team smiley
Happy Wild Swimming English Channel Relay Team

Good luck to the Team!

UPDATE : Slot agreed for w/c 11 July 2016 subject to weather conditions.

From all involved in Facebook group: Happy Wild Swimming Caps