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Mutiny In My Body

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Talking in Tandem

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Happy Crafts

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Happy Experiences



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“Happy choices make happiness happen”

Life is all about choices – you could say altern8ives. The better the choice made, the happier the person who made it. There are too often too many options so altern8ives are better. For most of us to focus we need a selection of alternatives from which we can attempt to gain an ultimate good choice.  Consider what is best for you based on your emotions and brain together. They are a powerful combination. There is a very good chance that the outcome of your choice will be a happy result. More nice memories, more times to recall with a smile on your face. As you sit in your home you’ll reflect on how you came to do what you did, be where you went. The choices are a key factor in a happy home. Your world and those you share it with will be all the better for some happy choices. So weigh up the alternatives to hand and choose those that will provide the future moments of happy reflections. Times where you can be glad you made a choice. Happy lives are lived by happier people. Choose to be one – make happy choices today!

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